Adina Peoples

My parents taught my siblings and I about God, family, and helping others. They taught family is not limited to bloodline. 

   Save The Date was birthed from a place of desiring to “help”alleviate the pain of others. This book stretches across my brainwaves, and is intertwined with the fibers of my heart! Life’s “gut wrenching” events causes feelings of despair, but you must LIVE after the pain. Life for me was divorce, and desiring to be a mother, while almost EVERY female in my life birthed children. 

   The loss of my brother and grandmother caused a breach in my heart, but my daddy’s unexpected death on December 31, 2017 shattered my heart!  Others offered help but I already knew “God will never leave nor forsake me”,yet, I felt FORSAKEN! 

    I allowed God to redirect me to what He caused me to pen, which allowed healing to begin.  As you scroll through the chapters, I pray “help” is tucked in each page! Whether relational, loss of a loved one, or low self esteem, HEAL through it! 

    Have FAITH, LEARN your worth, and TRUST the chapter of life you’re in, knowing God is the Author and finisher of your faith. Flip the page, knowing that Saving The Date is worth the wait! 

          **Special Thanks** 

    To all who love and believe in me. I love you from the depths of my heart. Mommy, your “pebble” LOVES you! Daddy, your “stink” LOVES and MISS you! I did it daddy…I DID IT!